Hi! I'm Risa. Designer and self-taught jewelry maker behind Amaree + Reese.  A+R is named after our eldest granddaughter Amaree and my nickname, Reese. My obsession for this craft started in 2009 when I walked into a local bead store and was happily overwhelmed by all of the beauty around me.  I grabbed some beads and tools and rushed home to play.  Having no clue what I was doing, I was somehow able to pull off making my first pair of earrings!  It's an understatement to say that I was "hooked" after that point.  After several years of honing my skills and attending markets and fairs to reach the public with my work, I took the leap and went full-time doing what Iove in 2017.

With the support of loyal customers, fellow makers, local business owners and friends + family, we were able to grow a business that brings a little bit of happiness to lovers of Boho Chic Jewelry in Portland and beyond.  We specialize in small batch, handcrafted jewelry with attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.   Although I say "we" most of the time when referencing the business, I personally handcraft each piece of jewelry that gets sent out to adorn those who appreciate my work. My husband helps with all of the other business things I'm not able to attend to.  Running and growing a business is hard work and hands down a group effort.  Thank you for supporting us and making our dreams a reality!